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January 21, 2007


Whitney Johnson

Dear Wade --

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

I especially liked your comment about being ourselves.

Even with something as simple as making a meal for a family, within the church we do this so naturally, and yet, if it's not customary within our broader community, we don't.

Would love to hear more of your specifics around reaching out.

My best,


Whitney Johnson

Thank you Brent for your comment.

You know I think that a lot of Mormons find the cartoon funny. Because it is kind of funny.

But to your point that most people don't think that we currently practice polygamy, I don't know that this really the case.

In 2002, after the Olympics were over (when presumably understanding would have increased significantly), a person-on-the-street poll was conducted. The question was asked, when you think of Mormons what do you think? The answer scoring the highest? Polygamy.

One would think that this should be lower, but the fact is that only 8% of the people responded that they actually knew a Mormon. Of those that knew a Mormon, they probably knew that we don't practice polygamy today, but if they didn't....

In fact, just the other day, one of our employees told us that whenever she tells people that she works for Mormons, they ask her how many wives my husband has?

Regarding Mr. Ellsworth, what I love about his comment is that, in the passion of his argument, it feels to me as if he has really walked in the shoes of his Mormon friends.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we would, and could, defend our friends and neighbors equally as passionately!

Thank you again for your thoughts.

My best,


Brent Taylor

Certainly I get the point of the article and commend Mr Ellsworth for sticking up for Mitt and his Mormon acquaintances.

However, his comments are a bit over the top. Granlund's cartoon is funny; it certainly isn't vicious. We ought not be so defensive.

Polygamy is a valid part of our history for which I feel no shame or need to hide it. I often joke myself about my extra wives, and certainly laugh along with others when they comment about this. And everyone I know knows neither I nor other church members currently practice polygamy. And I doubt most Americians are that dumb either.

Wade Beaudreau

Mr Ellsworth seems like a good man. I am originally from Massachusetts, joined the Church there. After I moved to Arizona I found a lot of members named Ellsworth; even a main artery street named Ellsworth Rd. after one of the founding fathers of Mesa, AZ.

When Mr Ellsworth's Mormon neighbors invite him to dinner, I hope they will be kind and relaxed and just be themselves. This is how my wife and I were treated when we were 'friendshipped' 24 years ago.
I just found your blog site from Meridian Magazine. It looks great and I expect I will be visiting it frequently.

Wade Beaudreau

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